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1. Never regret anything!

1. Never regret anything! It's not your fault when someone doesn't like your behavior. Instead of having regrets, tell them to take heed or you'll suck their crampy brains out of their rotten heads - and you'll even do it through your nostrils!



 2. Cursing!

Cursing is a very appropriate way to re-discover your instinctive, natural evilness. It's necessary to curse at least every ten sentences in order to keep your true nature constantly in mind. You can be very creative and find your own blasphemous phrases, or you can start by using phrases from the list of curses.


 3. Torture!

Find a convenient victim who appreciates physical punishment--that's the easiest way to begin. Continue with small animals such as cats, hamsters, guinea pigs, and birds.



 4. Body modifications!

You should have at least 3 piercings (which will be used for the placement of ritual chains and weights). Don't pierce your face or your bellybutton! Piercings have a meaning! You should put the piercings in places where you are constantly stimulated.