VOODOO doesn’t need to be dark or evil. This is only prejudice, injected into your mind by a government and society that doesn't accept, or are afraid of, the mystical side of life.

IN FACT Crematoria's skills for in manipulation have brought light into the hearts of many people. For example, Crematoria once made a girl's dreams of fame and stardom come true by helping the young and desperate Iron Cobra to become a successful girl-group lead singer. Please don’t believe the rumors that Creamtoria is responsible for the suicide of Iron Cobra’s best friend, supposedly in order to guarantee Iron’s monopoly on beauty! These are just the disgusting outbursts of jealous colleagues! The truth is, Crematoria’s Voodoo Dolls have saved many lonely souls in their search for importance.

Voodoo dolls representing (from left) Crematorria, Lizz, and Lizz´ death