The ancient story

Whiplash Trash has existed for a very long time. The reason for this is that, unlike other pop bands, the group lives on across different generations. It is said that some of the band members are of ancient age, as their appearance suggests. The photo of Whiplash Trash in front of the Edinburgh castle was taken in 1979. Some of the band members in the photo uncannily resemble current Whiplash Trash members. So the question arises: how are those members are related to the current ones? There are undeniable obvious facial similarities, as shown aside. If these were the very same people they would be over age 40 today, which is hardly possible...or is it? The relation between the former members and the current ones needn't necessarily be a biological one (at least not in the common sense). Rather, certain rituals and signals make a true Whiplash Trash creature.

This WLT member, former known as Virginia, has the same features as Desdemonia.
Is it magic? The band member known as Desdemonia in 1979 resembles the member named Crematorria today quite remarkably...
The similarities between Umbra and La Creature are not so obvious compared with the other members. But when you look at the details, for example the shape of the nose, the resemblance is absolutely astonishing. What a transformation!