Spring/Summer 2001

Rough times: Gothic Beauty is seriously endangered by sunlight.
But there is no reason not to feel comfortable. Just stick to the following rules and you will still be able to enjoy the advantages of your gothic being, even when outer circumstances seem to make life unbearable. Here are some simple measures you can take to preserve your pale beauty during the hot period.

AVOID leaving your house before dusk. Avoid any form of daylight, even after sunset. Remember: sunlight contains dangerous UV-rays that are very bad for your skin. If you disregard this advice, you take the risk of getting ugly speckles or other forms of irritating skin pigmentation.

IF you must go outside before daylight has disappeared, make sure to put thick layers of make-up on your face, neck and hands. Any skin-care product that you choose should contain important UV-filters that reduce the possibility of losing your perfect complexion. But do not be careless: there is no product that provides 100% protection. Try to use opaque foundation and make sure to choose the lightest tone you can get. The lighter the tone of your make-up is, the easier it reflects sunlight instead of letting it affect your skin.

  ALWAYS wear long sleeves and keep your legs covered. Wear dark, long clothes. Dark fabric does not allow any sunlight to get through.

IF you need to rest in a cool shady place, visit a cemetery or drop by a funeral home. There you can try out coffins for free, or just enjoy the close-by scent of death. Normally these institutions are air-conditioned and have dark surroundings, so very little light gets inside them.

IF you want to travel in the summertime, try to go to someplace where the days are shorter and the climate is cooler, e.g. Patagonia, Alaska, or Sibiria.

When it is hot outside stay in a cool and shady place.