La Creature returns to the highlands of Monte Alban

La Creature

Nobody seems to really know anything about La Creature. One day she appeared suddenly among the crowds, and she has been with Whiplash Trash ever since. La Creature claims that she was summoned by a sinister power. Hardly anyone has ever talked to her, and her past is still as obscure as it has been since her first appearance with Whiplash Trash. Whiplash Trash's other members Desdemonia and Crematoria never wondered about her or questioned her position among them. The girls have developed their own way of communicating, since language is not La Creature's favorite way of interacting with the environment. Rather, she prefers to use spiritual energies.

  La Creature was first discovered in 1985, at the pyramids of Monte Alban, Mexico. The young girl, who seemed to be between the ages of 5 and 7, was dubbed La Creatura – "The Creature." Although shy, she had a piercing glare. It is believed that her mother was a jackal. This would account for her well developed animal instincts, such as her excellent olfactory skills. La Creature can always smell what is going on, and nobody ever dares to cheat on her.
There are many rumors about La Creature: that she has manipulated the computers at the Pentagon; that she is responsible for Hypochondria's sudden suicide in 1999; that she had something to do with Umbra's mysterious disappearance. But these incidents have never been proven. Nor will they be, even if they are true…

La Creature is smart enough to know how to bewitch ordinary mortals with her looks, and she has agreed to let you in on her goth beauty secrets.

Is she the brood of a jackal?