Seek wisdom in Insect Dissection!

Nature, Life, and the Universe are mirrored in every being that surrounds us. Learn to see the small things in life on your path to enlightenment. Next time a fly or a wasp should bother you, use the chance to take a closer look!

Crematorria can help you to find the truth in the body of an insect!
A butterfly or even a regular European mosquito can be as representative as a Voodoo Doll.

IT´S best to cut open the insect while it's still alive.
choose an insect that is representative of the person you wish to influence.
cut the insect open and read its innards.

EVERY organ represents a physical and/or personal characteristic of the person to be manipulated.

IT takes practice to read the information exactly, but you can use a measurement device such as those shown in the picture.

IN order to keep track I recommend that you keep the actual insect parts pinned to a

IF you cannot get a living insect, or if you are a beginner, you can choose from Crematoria's wide selection of live insects. These little buggies are pre-prepared and are
easy to handle.