How are you doing? I’m glad you found this site about my secret obsession. I’ve been making a child, with dark hair and a tan. She’s come to help us all, to break through the cycle of undead existence.
Whistling strange tones, she helped our secret community find her in the grand, stony hills of Tibet. A small, elite of group of enlightened priests helped to sacrifice the virgin child, raising her existence to that of a new immortal super-being. Only a small, elite group of the enlightened wise ones can unravel this deep blue mysticism!
Transported on angels’ wings, the tones of this child's commands have transformed my life into the embodiment of poetry. Oh, blessed child! Caress me with your wisdom and raise my soul to your clouds and light beams of fulfilled enlightenment!

This woman didn´t obey to the secret rules:
Her body was found miles away from where her head was used for some mysterious ceremony