Desdemonia is the secret leader of the group. Although she seems quiet and almost innocent, she is the most evil member of Whiplash Trash. Her appearance is that of an evil little girl, and indeed she was the former evil child of the early sixties, as acknowledged by Aleister Crowley. There are many stories and rumors about Desdemonia. For example, it is said that she has the ability to make herself invisible. More amazing still are the rumors of her countless cruises through the Ether. However, it is a fact that she is the founder of Whiplash Trash and that she is a horrible, manipulative person with an awful charismatic aura.

The evil child

The evil child was reincarnated in 1999. The tradition of this phenomenon is ancient. The first evil child was discovered in the 12th century. The EC is a creature, half human and half demon. The child itself doesn't know that it is chosen until it realizes that it's telekinetic, and that it's telepathic abilities scare the people around it.