Manipulation and Voodoo Power

Crematorria was born in 1978 in Haiti. Her mother died giving birth. Crematoria had visions and found herself accompanied by ghosts and angels from an early age, and this became a natural part of her daily existence. Soon family, neighbors, and friends learned to take advantage of the child’s mystical talents. Crematorria’s power gave her great skill in innocent childhood mischief, such as turning the boarding school’s music teacher into a frog, and this made her popular among her girlfriends and fellow students. Little did they suspect how cruelly she would turn against their loved ones….

But puberty's sins are now long forgotten, and Crematoria has learned to channel her negative energies into her clever and effective business ventures!
If you need to gain more power in your private or professional life, Crematorria has a series of artifacts to make all of your desires come true!
For example, take a look at the wide selection of Voodoo Dolls, which can be used to manipulate whomever you wish.

For advanced Voodoo-Users, the Tunnel-Team recommends Crematorria’s seminar on Insect Dissection.

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