Authentic lifestyles !

The virtues of solidarity, continuity, effort and honesty have the highest priority in the trashmetal scene. Honesty means that you stand up for what you believe in, don't make empty promises, and don't bullshit your fans! Honesty also means that you never deny belonging to the world of metal. There's no such thing as a metal band who wears suits and ties in their everyday life. Either you are metal or you aren't. The more extreme the musicians look, the more easily the fans can tell that the band has decided to take metal to their hearts and to live a metal lifestyle in their everyday life. Long hair, tattoos, piercings, extreme clothing, and tough behavior are all proof of trash metal credibility.

Schaedelbasisbruch & Motley Crue

The deep friendship and respect between MOTLEY CRUE and Schaedelbasisbruch is based on more than just drinking canned beer. The two bands have much in common, most importantly their fascination for hard and heavy music. They enjoy jamming together, whenever they find time between their tours and studio sessions. But SBB's spare time is extremely rare. It all the more admirable, then, that the band continues to hang out with fans after every concert, always neglecting their managers' strict timetable.
Motley Crue's NIKKI SIXX and SBB´s IRON COBRA performing at a benefit concert for drug addicts in Sao Paolo, Brazil (above)
VINCE NEIL & RACHEL rock the crowds at the Hearts & Souls Club, London,
August 2000