SCHAEDELBASISBRUCH, the trouble girls back in New York


stated Hazel, of Schädelbasisbruch, making clear to fans and critics alike her feelings, after the latest clash between the two all-girl bands. Comparisons between the bands are frequently made in the press, and the girls themslves never waste an opportunity to demonstrate their own particular qualities. Hazel explained, " Although we don’ t make the music ourselves, we feel it so deeply that our performances are always straight from the heart". ... and these girls are no strangers to raw emotions. Former member Liz who died several months ago in a heroin related tragedy, experienced several sad events in the time leading up to her death, and then the remaining members had to face the loss of their friend whilst remaining under the watchful public eye. During this unhappy period, the band rejected their previously glamorous style that had gained them so much attention, choosing rather to "dress themselves down." They appeared in public wearing simply jogging style leisure wear with no make -up or attention paid to their vibrant hair styles.
" Expressing themselves in whatever way feels right " is essential to the girls, regardless of the reactions they may get, and this is obviously what they felt was the right action at this time. From this period came the song "Liz is dead" which Cobra, the motorbike fanatic, was reading from Liz’s last words, " No needles under blue moon sun any more."
However, the girls reassured me this dark time is over and they are preparing a " Kick Ass" comeback, with a new image to boot. There is much intruige and mystery as to exactly how these changes will be made, and fans are poised to welcome them back into their previously fun loving and wild arena.
What lies in store for the girls now is something time will tell, but it is certain that there is a vast interest in the story of their private and public lives. In fact, their following has become so large that they have had to stop performing at some of their favoured small venues. To meet the demands, they now have gigs lined up in a series of large concert halls. Meanwhile their agent, friends, family, and neighbours are constantly bombarded with letters and phone calls from the fans who want to hear about how the girls are .
Indeed, even Sporty Spice herself has been asked for news, she revealed in a recent interview for the BBC. She has been called several times regarding Schädelbasisbruch and the rumours that Rachel is developing a "close friendship" with Sporty’s own boyfriend. Sporty was relaxed saying, "when you are a pop star you expect these kinds of stories" and that she " had support for other girls getting out there and doing their thing, whatever it is ."
And it seems Hazel, Rachel and Cobra intend to continue doing exactly that, as they launch the new year with a brand new "full power" set, and undoutedly new hair styles to match. Get yourself along to one of their gigs and taste a bit of the action.