After Liz's tragic death in 1999, SBB split up for a while. The girls couldn't cope with the idea of having to change their lifestyle, of trying to stand up while life was pulling them down. Instead they withdrew with their grief, hiding away from society and searching for shelter in several doubtful NYC neighborhoods.

Iron Cobra almost followed Liz in suicide, injecting herself with anything she could possibly get. Ginn, who was always considered the happiest girl in the group, couldn't recover from her shock after she learned of Liz's death. During the band's world tour she withdrew from public after just few gigs, simply too weak to carry on. Ginn disappeared one night without leaving any message. There are rumors that Ginn followed a self-made guru on his way to paradise.

In the meantime Rachel tried not to fall too low. Instead she made a paradise of her own, founding her own nail studio and beauty supply line called "Rachel's Nail Paradise." Here she could turn her passion into a business.

There are now more than 150 "Rachel's Nail Paradise" shops all over the world. The newest shop opened in March 2001 in Moscow, Russia, right near the Kremlin.
The very first RNP in Soho, NYC, open for business since October 1999

Dates have to be booked 3 months in advance, ..."but every visit is worth the wait" (Jennifer Lopez)

Rachel comes around to her Soho shop just as often as she can find spare time. Her celebrity clientele, such as Pamela Anderson, Jennifer Lopez, Madonna and Janet Jackson, love to see her. Whiplash Trash's La Creature was recently spotted getting a skin bleaching at the Soho RNP. The shop seems to be a mecca for NYC celebrities, a safe place where they can meet, greet, and keep the gossip circulating.
Running with the big dogs:
Rachel (right) painting spider webs on La Creature´s fingernails