Who is who:
the Cock Drip Crew meets the look-alike Gap Band
NME met with famous breakdance girl–group "Cock Drip Crew" in New York's Waldorf Astoria hotel.

   NME: You girls look stressed out.
   Sunny MC: Not really, a bit jet legged maybe. Tired
   Liza Lee: I think it's cool being jet legged. Even if I don't travel I try to keep my sleep schedule unpredictable. Sleep just comes over me whenever, and then I fall asleep for many hours, and when I wake up I'm totally out of it. Or I don't sleep for a couple days...that's better than any drug.
   Lacy Jay: Europe was overwhelming, and our fans are really into our shit. Here in the States you always have to put so much energy into motivating people. You kind of get the impression that they have had it before anyway, and it's like, so what?
   NME: Which is your favourite place to be?
   Lacy Jay: Hmmm, it's really hard to say. If you ask me, I'm really glad to be back, although we really adapted to the overseas style and their laid back way of life.
   Liza Lee: Yeah, in some parts of Europe. The people are really chilled out there, no hassles, hardly any gang fights. They don't have guns or knives, and the women there have hairy legs.
   Sunny MC: We found it very amusing but sometimes a bit bewildering, too. Here we have so much more clarity, and I found the sexual harassment there almost unbearable.
   NME: What do you mean, sexual harassment?
Sunny MC: I felt offended so many times ....
   NME: What happened to the other membes of the Cock Drip Crew?
   Sunny MC: Hearty B. got shot last year. She was always the most offensive of us girls.
   Lacy Jay: That was a shattering shock for the rest of us. It sometimes seems like we're being diminished by some sinister power. First our close friend Crazy Mana J. left the group without any reason at all, and then Hearty got into that nasty fight with some 250 pound Bushwick crook-
   NME: And that was it?
   Sunny MC: Sad but true.
   Liza Lee: Well, she wasn't a great dancer anyway! Actually she was just with us because she was pretty.
   Sunny MC: And she was fun!
   Lacy Jay: I am fun, too.
   NME: What are you doing tonight?
   Sunny MC: Why you wanna know?
   NME: Girls, thank you for the interview